okeanos - Foundation for the sea

Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea

Okeanos wishes to bring the sea closer to humans, to increase our awareness about the various threats our oceans are facing and future challenges while at the same time presenting new solutions and positive examples and giving food for thought. 

Humpback Whale © Rui Camilo

A big part of our work and resources were dedicated to the production of our documentaries as we deem the medium film to be the most beautiful and effective and feel that it provides the best instrument for us in order to transport and share how much we are touched and effected by the ocean and its inhabitants and to reveal how important a healthy ocean and sound marine ecosystem is for all of our lives.

In 2015 we completed three films: "Racing Extinction", "Te Mana o Te Moana - The Pacific Voyagers" and "Our Blue Canoe". 

Picture from the film "Te Mana o Te Moana - The Pacific Voyagers" © Natalia Tsoukala

Our second and maybe even more important focus lies on the planning, financing and implementation of projects that encompass positive change and make a difference for people and the environment, such as the construction of traditional Polynesian sailing vessels, called "vaka". We have built those following ancient models but with today's materials, e.g. e-glass and epoxy resin as well as solar panels. They are driven purely by sun and wind energy and are perfectly suited for a much needed fossil-fuel free transport between the Pacific islands.

Vaka Moanas during the "Te Mana o Te Moana" voyage in 2011/2012 © Rui Camilo

These Polynesian canoes meet requirements that could not be met before, and represent the best possible combination of tradition and future, old knowledge and new technologies. They form the basis of a new transport system in the Pacific and help the local people to overcome one of their biggest problems - the poorly functioning transportation system due to high energy costs that still effect most of the Pacific island nations, despite falling oil prices in pretty much the rest of the world. The main concern is also to reconnect the inhabitants of the Pacific to the ocean, to stimulate them to sustainable ways of living, and to open up transportation possibilities, which do not cause CO2 accumulation. It is in concrete projects like this that the Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea sees its meaning and purpose.

If you have questions, suggestions, or criticism regarding our projects, website, or the Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea, feel free to write us: mail@okeanos-foundation.org.


The ocean fascinates many people because of its contradictory nature. On the one hand there is its liberating immensity, the shimmering beauty of its countless shades of blue, and its numerous inhabitants; on the other, its unfathomable depths and its unpredictability, which manifests itself in tales of sea monsters and disasters like the sinking of the Titanic or the catastrophic tsunami of 2004. But the ocean is also, and above all, an essential part of our environment—one without which life on earth would be impossible in its present form. But neither the fascination it holds nor our present knowledge of the connection between human activities and their effect on the ocean—and, thus, on climate—have caused human societies to change their behaviour, which is leading to the destruction of the marine habitat, marine mammals and other creatures, and, consequently, to the destruction of humanity’s basis of existence.

The ocean’s existence continues to be imperilled by man-made environmental pollution (oil slicks, sewage, chemicals, CO2 production), noise pollution (overly loud ships’ engines, sonar experiments), overfishing, oil extraction, and tourism. The reasons for such behaviour may include ignorance, habit and indifference as well as the profit motive. But only if this changes and human societies rediscover a balance between their own needs and those of the ocean will its resources and habitats be preserved for the benefit of all living creatures. If not, future generations will encounter difficulties with their living space, whose extent is wholly unforeseeable. The signs are that we shall have to grapple far sooner than originally thought with the consequences of the sins against climate committed by previous generations and the present generation in particular.

If the ocean and its inhabitants are to be preserved for future generations, the present generation must modify its behaviour. For this to happen, mental stimuli must be exerted in order to bring about the requisite change of attitude. Only those who have sufficient information to become acquainted with the ocean’s multifarious contradictions can develop the respect and enthusiasm required to espouse its cause. This must be achieved by the furtherance of scientific research, by acquiring knowledge of other cultures and their relations with the sea, and by providing the general public with all the information gleaned to date.


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