okeanos - Foundation for the sea

4th-6th June, 2007 in Lanzarote.

Okeanos Symposia | Scientific workshop on Marine Protected Areas

Very few MPAs are currently large enough to reduce exposure of cetaceans to anthropogenic noise. The participants therefore outlined an effective framework, based on methodology already used on land, for identifying key cetacean habitat for protection.

This framework openly considers many different factors, including the value of the different areas and habitats for the protection of each species of concern as well as economically to humans. Processes very similar to this in all but name have already been used to help protect marine mammals from noise (e.g., the buffer zone around the Albrohas Bank Marine Park in Brazil), but it is hoped this formal outline will help others in similar efforts. To demonstrate the possibilities, participant conceptually applied the framework methodology to both the ACCOBAMS region of the Mediterranean and two regions in Asia, off the coast of Bangladesh and in the east from the Philippines to Japan.


The report is available in English, French, Spanish.