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Monday, September 5th, 2011 . 8:54 am | No Comments

Carl Safina’s tutorial about acidifcation

After having participated in the talks at the Kava Bowl Ocean Summit DR. CARL SAFINA took the opportunity to sail on the vaka “Hine Moana” from Oahu to Kauai to feel the spirit of the seven vaka for himself.

Carl Safina on vaka Hine Moana © Rui Camilo

His blog about his journey states: “Outside the harbor, into the open ocean, their quiet progress seemed wondrous as we sailed into the shining late-day sun. What a magnificent sight, this ancient-looking fleet. And what an incredible, intense privilege to be aboard. (…)
For boats and crews that came over a thousand miles to get here, the overnight passage was a simple shot. Up to the northwest corner of Oahu, then westward. For me it was serene, yet shadowed always by thoughts about my own work and how it might fit in with this voyaging project: What next? How better?”

But Carl Safina never runs out of ideas. He wrote a series of tutorials for us, to bring the scientific topics of the summit closer to laypeople.

Download the first tutorial about acidification.

Carl Safina is a MacArthur fellow, Pew fellow, and Guggenheim fellow, an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University, and president of Blue Ocean Institute. His books include among others Song for the Blue Ocean, The View From Lazy Point, and his book about the 2010 Gulf blowout, A Sea in Flames. He is host of Saving the Ocean, on PBS television.

Read more about and from Carl Safina at blueocean.org and carlsafina.org

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